Management Advisory SERVICES

At District M Consulting, we aim to assist our client companies to further improve their  performance, achieve their full potential and maximize the value of their businesses.

Too often, businesses are managed without the resources necessary to maximize opportunities  and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. We have first-hand experience in building and  managing successful businesses, and we can support company management on day-to- day  operating issues as well as long-term strategic positioning.

We help improve the performance of or accelerate the growth of our client companies by  providing hands-on strategic, operational, analytical advice as well as access to a broad array of  financing sources. We also enable managers to attain new milestones in performance and  growth through achieving transformational business-building programs.

  • Strategy consulting
  • Operations management consulting
  • Business development support
  • Access to financing sources
  • Business Plan development support
  • Business incubation support
  • Board level advisory
Potential clients
  • Private and public companies
  • Business Start-ups
  • Distressed entities
  • International advisory firms
  • International law firms
  • Investment funds and investors